Al Jazira Profiles Division is a leading manufacturer of Safety Guard Rail Systems comprising of components such as Guard Rail Beams, Posts, Spacers and Fixing Accessories. Saving lives is all about installing the right system so that when an accident does happen at that juncture or intersection; the system chosen avoids a fatality from happening.

As dedicated and active members of the IRF, we are committed to the need to make the highways more forgiving by installing systems and solutions that save lives. We continue to work closely with the most recognized certification institutes around the world. With our existing strong partnerships with the two of the most reputable manufacturing companies in the areas of vehicle restraint systems and solutions, we are able to work collaboratively to develop the systems that are best suited and implemented for the UAE. We are also here to educate and empower the end user with what we know; we want the end user to make the decision confidently and knowingly.