"SABER Investment Company L.L.C brings in 37 years of experience in providing Solutions to our customers and clients in the road, construction and infrastructure sectors. Our Solutions go a long way in proving our dedication, commitment, superior quality products and services to our clients."
Way Finding Signage Solutions

We takes pride in its years of experience in providing Way Finding Solutions and working closely with world leading consultants in their urban development and planning layouts for the UAE.

Using state of the art techniques and engineering methodologies, we are able to produce signage systems that are both aesthetically capturing and functional in their ability to inform the public and guide them through the cities of the UAE as well as within its landmark buildings.

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Airports & Airfields Solutions

Our Solutions in the field of Airports include but are not limited to Airport Signages, Airfield Lighting, Baggage Handling Systems, Airport Runway Road Markings and Runway Rubber and Paint Removal.

Working closely with our partners from Europe and the USA, we are always using our more than ten years of Airports and Airfields experience to introduce innovative advanced systems of marking with proven performance, durability, retro-reflectivity and sustainability.

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Infrastructure Solutions

With more than 37 years of experience, we have been a pioneer in providing infrastructure services through its member companies and technology partners for various clients in the UAE and GCC region. With our combined force of engineering contractors and manufacturers, we are able to manage and deliver the added value to the end user ensuring the operational effectiveness of the solutions we provide coupled with the after sales support and service.

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Safety Solutions

Safety on the road has always been our top priority and we continue to provide various safety solutions such as Safety Signs, Crash Cushions, Roadside Medians, Guard Rails, Safety Barriers and Vehicle Restraint Systems.

As dedicated and active members of the IRF, we are committed to the need to make the highways more forgiving by installing systems and solutions that save lives. We continue to work closely with the most recognized certification institutes around the world.

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Intelligent Traffic Solutions

We provides intelligent traffic solutions by working collaboratively with the Client, the Consultant and the Technology Partner. With over 37 years of experience, locally based in the UAE and having the capability to both manufacture and integrate with the full potential and capability of SABER Investment Company L.L.C.

We are driven with the commitment and dedication to make ITS work in the UAE and other GCC region.

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Solar Hybrid Technology Solutions

We also taken steps to encourage the use of Solar powered Hybrid Devices to further facilitate the utilization of solar energy to cater to various requirements.

The use of such technologies goes a long way to assist in places of inadequate electricity such as rural areas, deserts, military camps, etc.

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Environmental Solutions

We are encouraged by the UAE government’s commitment to reduce the carbon footprint, encourage the usage of the public transportation networks, work with sustainable technologies like LED and Solar and require more eco-friendly paint solutions.

We are proud to be the pioneering entity in our advancement in paint applications for both roads and infrastructure.

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