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We are encouraged by the UAE government’s commitment to reduce the carbon footprint, encourage the usage of the public transportation networks, work with sustainable technologies like LED and Solar and require more eco-friendly paint solutions. We are proud to be the pioneering entity in our advancement in paint applications for both roads and infrastructure.

Over the years, as we continue to research and develop advanced innovative techniques in administering paint solutions that are environmentally safe, performance guaranteed and more suited for the region; we are the only approved, in quality finish and engineering function, powder coating facility in the UAE and we are the first to create a market shift from thermoplastic road marking to 2K cold plastic.

We have successfully implemented numerous trials, working closely with the road transportation authorities in the GCC, using 2K for chevron marking, edge line and other road marking applications. Today, we are proud to be the leader, combined with the expertise and specialization of our technology partners, in both industries of powder coating and 2K cold plasticOur 2K application today has been implemented and approved for more than 100 bus stops. We are one of the companies implementing powder coating in the oil and gas industry against strict standards and specifications from the technical consultant.