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We provides intelligent traffic solutions by working collaboratively with the Client, the Consultant and the Technology Partner. With over 37 years of experience, locally based in the UAE and having the capability to both manufacture and integrate with the full potential and capability of the SABER Investment Company L.L.C; We are driven with the commitment and dedication to make ITS work in the UAE and other GCC region. Working closely with both ITS America and the IRF, and having extensive discussions with the DoTs from both Europe and the USA, we know that a successful ITS implementation requires the buy-in and participation of all the stakeholders. Our goal and objective is to sell the best durable performing solution for the region; working hands-on with the technology vendor to ensure that the solution meets the eco-friendly rating of the UAE government as well as withstands against the harsh climatic factors of the region. By focusing our goals, we make it easier for the end user to decide and know how our solution has been uniquely designed; taking into account key performance measures and targets.

A successful ITS implementation with integrated subsystems and platforms is able to allow a more efficient usage of the roads network, safer passage to all drivers, seamless communication among all road authority departments, a more reduced carbon footprint as traffic congestion is mitigated, a more rapid deployment of the emergency response system and a more cohesive form of information sharing and distribution among drivers/passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. This becomes even more critical when we want to secure the safety of our children and other generations to come.

We are is proud to work with the most reputable, pioneering and innovative technology partners from around the world to offer Variable Messaging Signs, Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems, Traffic Counting and Classification, Parking Guidance and Management Systems, Road and Weather Information Systems, Weigh in Motion Systems, Bluetooth Sensor Travel Time Applications, LED Street Lighting and Traffic Signals. Within their suite of solutions and technology partner network, we are able to expand the integration of their solutions to include Mobile App platforms.