Over the years, I have seen this great Emirate and its visionary people, transform itself into a resilient country through continual growth and innovation.

I’ve had the privilege, like many in my generation, to seize the opportunity that this country offers to hard-working individuals, who want to contribute and proactively make a difference in the Emirate. In this way, SABER Investment Company L.L.C dedicated itself, through its diversified solutions, to improving the security, safety and well being of the residents and local citizens of the UAE.

SABER Investment Company L.L.C takes pride in being a company whose overall vision is to lead the industry we serve with solutions that are disruptive and competitively positioned without compromising on our engineering excellence, quality superiority and customer focus. We continue to expand our capabilities and existing potential by combining the strengths and core competencies of all our divisions to deliver to the client a solution proposal that includes design, execution and maintenance of the solution; we believe that the added value to the end user includes giving the end user the product, service and support so that over the years performance is guaranteed without any hassle or reliance on third-parties. We are able to manage and maintain the full customer life cycle.

Our companies are built around the drive, commitment and dedication of the employees that staff them. We believe that it is the people that define the company and not the other way round. We take the investment in our human capital very seriously and encourage our employees to be direct contributors to the success and growth of SABER Investment Company L.L.C. It is through their ideas, experience, energy and leadership that we will pave the way forward.

Today, we are a group of 15 divisions with a workforce of more than 2000 employees; working in the fields of roads/transport, building infrastructure, oil and gas, tourism and hospitality, defense, safety/security infrastructure and technology.